Christopher Dear began art as a profession in 1995 and is now in his 21st year as an artist and designer. Exhibiting in galleries, music events and public spaces across Australia, LA, Miami, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica and England. He became involved with the music industry at an early stage of his career and started producing large-scale artworks for music events. This began the journey of his art and music being intertwined and working in unison together. Chris' paintings and designs are musically synaesthetic and when exhibited in tandem with professional music, of all varieties, the sounds cascade though the design and resonate in the patterns, enabling the viewer to have a multi-levelled synaesthetic response. With a Modern futurist style his paintings radiate vibrancy and colour. Creating quadriptych canvases and mixed media works adorned with gold leaf, the canvases have reflective and illusionistic qualities.


-The Arterie, 37 North Cross Rd, London SE22 9ET, Limited Edition prints.


Nomadic Community Centre, Shoreditch.
June 11th 2016, 11am-11pm:
Artworks to be exhibited at the Infinite Bliss Beach Party


2016: The Brick Lane Gallery, East London. February 17th 2016
2016: Envision Gallery, Envision Festival, Costa Rica, February 25-29th 2016
2015: The Gallery, print centre, 81 Endell St, Covent Garden,Limited Edition prints.
2015: The Island, Art Gallery, Bristol, 10th-15th November, 'Painting Out Loud',
2015: Envision Festival, Costa Rica.
2014: Connexion Festival, Devon, UK
2014: Sunset Festival, Glastonbury, UK
2014 :Sunrise Celebration, Wales
2014 :Unity Festival, Glastonbury, UK
2014 :Debut Contemporary Gallery, Westbourne Grove, London,
2013 :Time & Space Festival, Tulum, Mexico
2013 :Earthdance (TLC), Glastonbury, UK
2013 :Sunset Festival, Devon, UK,
2013 :Gaudi's Casa Batllo, Global Art Agency, Barcelona Showcase, Spain
2006 :Port Art, Port Melbourne, Australia
2007: Maitreya Festival, Victoria, Australia
2005 :Richmond Town-Hall Gallery, 'Wear My Heart On My T', Melbourne, Australia
2004 :National Gallery of Australia, Sustainable Living Foundation, Melbourne
2002 :Club Moog, Byron Bay, Australia
2001 :Byron Bay Art Gallery, Byron Bay, Australia
2000 :Cosmic Carrot, London
1999 :Tate Modern, ‘Bankside Browser Exhibition’, opening season, London
1996 :Fuel Records, Miami, USA
1995 :Freak Records, London