Photographic images by Sally Lloyd mounted on beautiful quality hardwood blocks, each fitted with a picture ring, ready to hang. Smaller sizes can be stood on shelves.

Each photo block is approx 3/4” thick and finished with a water-resistant matt varnish.

All the photo blocks are handcrafted in Norfolk UK.

Some of Sally’s work is photo art, digitally manipulated to add an artistic interpretation to familiar scenes to provide a different take on straight photography. ‘I don’t see it as ‘messing with nature’ but as creating art out of images. We all see things in our own unique way, and I think it’s a natural progression to merge the two.’

Never one to sit still Sally constantly looks for new ways to develop her skills; time is, as someone once said, a valuable commodity and that is so true. Her photography captures moments in time and she converts those moments into something handcrafted for others to enjoy…