Where Did This all Begin ?
Well I use to be known as the taxi-driver that draws , I knew then that I was destined to do something with my creations but what ? So like so many I got complacent and carried on with the mundane day to day life that many of us seem to fall into. People would often approach me to draw tattoo’s , portraits and business logo’s I enjoyed it so much that I went back to college to study photoshop. This is where I met an incredible tutor called Nick Ruhl who encouraged me to complete a graphic design Diploma , this is where percycute was born !
During my Diploma there was an assignment to produce your own website , of course I decided to produce a tee shirt website that had my designs printed on them. Inspired by the assignment it was time to convert this into reality .
Whats With The Name ?
The name comes from the word “persecute” - I feel that my designs have been oppressed in side me for so long that this personal persecution has finally come to an end with the birth of
this company and I hope that the viewing public will agree with my conviction.
Where will this Lead ?
As far as I can take it , if this becomes a global brand then so be it, if it stays national then so be it , but one things for sure we will never stop creating, designing and developing .
Now you know all about us we would love to feel the support of the viewing public and invite you to connect in any many you see fit, let us know what you think as feedback is essential to growth.