I had no idea, when I was at school, that I would become a photographer and to this day no one, including me, knows when or how the link between taking pictures for pleasure and making a career of it appeared. After college and four years working with an architectural and commercial photographer I opened my own studio in the centre of Edinburgh, Scotland. I was very busy and I enjoyed the variety of work. Studio still life was what I enjoyed most, working for companies like Drambuie but I felt just as comfortable shooting fashion for Ballantyne Cashmere and Pringle. Work then was produced on transparency and black and white film and I loved shooting, processing and printing black and white. The enlargers, trays, clips, developing tanks and other bits from my darkrooms remain but I can't foresee me using them again. I produce black and white digitally now, and it's good, but, for me, that little bit of magic has gone. After the recession in the early 1990's I spent almost three years living in Santiago de Chile with my wife and daughter, shooting campaigns for the top Advertising Agencies. During my time there I was voted photographer of the year in the annual agency awards. All the way through my photographic career I have made time for my own personal photography and I am now doing this full time which is exciting.