Anyone who has a special girl in their life - a daughter, niece or maybe goddaughter - knows what busy little bees they are. Independent and fun – and always in somebody’s handbag!

That’s what Bee Bag Founder Becky Wilkinson-White discovered when she was around her 18 month old niece Darcy. Always the little lady, mimicking her aunt with her “grown up” bag was always a favourite pastime when they were together. Darcy liked nothing more than filling the bag with her favourite items for the day (teddy, old mobile, some random stones…..). So, when it came to her birthday, Becky wanted to surprise Darcy with her own grown up “posh” bag.

That’s when Becky realised that most bags were either very small with shoulder straps, or big bright rucksacks. Other than top end designer bags, most bags were cheap and childlike, ready to be cast away at the hint of a new trend. That’s when Becky thought about creating a special and luxurious bag for her niece, a bag that was useful, durable and that would grow with her.

Live bees are in decline, so to promote awareness of the challenges they face, a donation from the sale of each and every one of our Bee Bags will be given to help protect our UK bees.