California Bath Mat
California Bath Mat

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California Bath Mat

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Bring the luxuries of a spa experience to your home with our lavishly soft striped bath mat.

Expertly hand-woven using the finest materials, step out of the bath or shower in a breeze and dry your feet on wondrous linens.

The California Bath Mat with its pom-pom effect surface is guaranteed to add a quirky and harmonious tone to fill your bathroom.

With its ultra-absorbent fibres, this stylish and luxury bath mat soaks up water splashes and saves you from a slippery floor.

Inspired by Indian heritage and rich tradition, our craftsmen weave each piece with love, passion and dedicated excellence.

Choose from a wide range of options and add a splash of colour to your bathroom. Monochrome, naturals or a multi-coloured bath mat.

As our creations evolve over time, our aim remains to create an experience of discovery and surprise. We pride ourselves in transforming everyday moments into extraordinary occasions.


  •   Material: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton.
  •   Machine washable.
  •   Tumble dry.
  •   2000 gsm.
  •   Dimensions of Bath Mat: 50 x 80cm approx.
  •   Anti-slip underlay supplied FREE with this product. 

Environmentally friendly: Each California Bath Mat meets the European Oekotex 100 Standard, which ensures that no harmful dyes and chemicals were used in the production of this product, and nearly all water used during production is carefully recycled. The only footprint you will leave is the ones on your new, soft bathroom mat.