Totoro トトロ Noren
Totoro トトロ Noren


Totoro トトロ Noren

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The Noren, or Japanese curtain, can be used on windows as well as doors for a guaranteed aesthetic effect.
This model, representing the famous Totoro from the animated film My Neighbor Totoro by studio Ghibli, is an excellent decoration that will help you separate your different spaces in a practical, original, colorful and even humorous way!

Ideal for closing a bedroom door, for filtering the light in a child's room or simply as a curtain, anything is possible!

Made and imported from Japan 


Dimensions: 85 x 150 cm // 33.47 x 59.06 inch

Material: 100% polyester

Do not machine wash.


85 x 150 cm // 33.47 x 59.06 inch


100% polyester