Wild Gardens Volcanic Rock diffuser


Wild Gardens Volcanic Rock diffuser

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What are known as Lava rocks (or Basalt stone) are the idea of marrying the ancient heritage of well-being with the love of fragrance and design. 

Ethically sourced from Arusha in Tanzania, Magma rocks are the most porous and natural rocks found on earth. Magma London’s in-house curated fragrance blends are inspired by our creative director’s memories and unique artistic palate that beautifully marry heritage with contemporary design.

Magma Rocks (or basalt) are a grounding stone, bringing you ever closer to mother-earth whilst fragrancing your home


Lava Rock Diffuser – These lava stones or basalt stone are an earthy and intense volcanic mineral, created from molten lava which has solidified quickly under intense pressure and heat.

Scented Oil Diffusers – A fresh herbal accord opening with citrus notes of orange, lime and tangerine combined with green leaf, spearmint, peppermint rosemary, pine, eucalyptus and armoise with floral notes and hints of spice.

Aromatherapy Diffuser – The fragrance diffuser helps to give you strength and courage, facilitating calmness during tempestuous times. Magma London have sourced the most porous of these rocks, allowing our uniquely blended essential oils to diffuse in your home.

How to start 

Pour rocks from bag into jar. Use pipette to spritz fragrance oils evenly around the lava rocks (use around 1/3 of the bottle at first sitting). When scent begins to dissipate simply add a few ore drops and the fragrance will be rejuvenated