Lovegrove Essentials

Lovegrove Essentials is a natural and organic skincare brand, founded in 2015, with award-winning treatments and training courses, developed by a mother and daughter who take a new approach to skin care. 

Hannah Lovegrove has cultivated her understanding of skin, mind and body care from her work in holistic beauty therapy, aromatherapy and Iyengar yoga over the past 40 years. She has developed a method of delivering holistic facial treatments that encompass the whole body, creating a signature facial treatment that provides a deeply restorative therapy for the whole person.

Hayley de Beers is a Make-up ‘guru’. She has worked with hundreds of women, and men, in all kinds of circumstances, listening to the issues they had with their skin and their make up, giving advice and building up their confidence. She has trained people in make-up and retail all over the UK and Europe and has extensive knowledge in the beauty, skincare and spa/salon markets.

They both recognise that self-care, general health and a sense of well-being are inseparable from lifestyle. Diet, sleep, stress and exercise can all influence a mind and body, and the speed at which cells regenerate and heal. Hannah and Hayley have created a unique and flexible skincare brand from natural and organic ingredients that harness the many therapeutic uses of plant essences and essential oils, not just for their topical benefits on the skin, but also for their effect on the mind and the body.

The range is carefully structured so that the adaptogenic properties of the ingredients allow the individual products to be used separately and together, giving different levels of support for a variety of skin types.

To accompany this, their combined knowledge is presented in a range of courses for professional therapists, offering accredited training in their signature facial treatment, as well as shorter courses in some of the important elements. The aim is to provide bespoke training for individuals and teams who wish to adapt their business to benefit from the growing interest in and demand for high quality natural and organic products, and treatments which enhance the client’s overall sense of well-being.