Artist - Veronica Rowlands

Veronica is an East London based Artist and Illustrator.

She is a nostalgic individual who hoards copious amounts of kitsch, vintage ornaments as they’re too ‘cute’ to throw away, the ethos and research behind her personal work is the concept of a ‘universal trigger for the inner-child in adults’, (in other words, her aim in create quirky, delightful artworks which make the viewer feel nostalgic) vintage dolls and depictions of soft transitional objects are a recurring theme throughout her work.

Throughout Veronica's research she has come to realise that a touch of melancholy/bitter sweet and the handmade is integral to the viewer in developing a strong attachment and lasting impression to the particular object.

Veronica has created a series of lifestyle and homeware products which add a splash of colour and childlike charm to interior and exterior spaces.