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Choose the Rainbow stainless steel bracelet for a truly eye catching all Rainbow colour PVD piece.

This is a truly unique multicoloured coating, with each piece having its own mix of Rainbow colours featuring stunning blends of Greens, Pinks, Yellows and Purples. This unusual coating was developed to be “one of a kind”, a truly distinctive process where no two bracelets will ever look the same. The advanced coating is created by an Arc deposition process where lightning is tightly controlled in such a way to evaporate a titanium ceramic alloy onto the parts to create a colourful, hard wearing and durable product that will stand the test of time.

If you can please measure your wrist tightly, around the part you would wear the bracelet. Measure tightly to the skin, do not allow any space for a 'comfortable fit' We need to know the exact measurement of your wrist, the workshop will handle the rest and make sure the bracelet fits nicely.

To measure your wrist take a length of string or a strip of paper and mark the two points where it crosses. Lay the string or paper against a ruler. This measurement is the circumference of your wrist, which you need to record in centimetres.

When selecting the size of your bracelet, please give consideration to how loose you like to wear for comfort as well as if you plan to purchase multiple extra beads in the future.

Our bracelets come in the following standard sizes:

X-SMALL Bracelet size 17.5cm (for wrist size 17cm or below)
SMALL Bracelet size 19cm (for wrist size 18.5cm or below)
MEDIUM Bracelet size 20cm (for wrist size 19.5cm or below)
LARGE Bracelet size 21cm (for wrist size 20.5cm or below)
EXTRA LARGE Bracelet size 22cm (for wrist size 21.5cm or below)

If the bracelet is a surprise present, we understand that is can be awkward trying to get a size to match the bracelet to. If you are able to get an accurate measurement from the inside of a watch strap or current bracelet that would help. If not our Small and Medium sizes are the most popular by far.