About Masato Jones

Masato Jones was born in Saitama near Tokyo, Japan and graduated from Central St Martins in Womenswear (BA Hons ARTS) in 2009.

In 2007 in his gap year, Masato was a pattern cutter with designer Giles Deacon and continues to assist to the present day. In 2011 he went on to develop his own label as Masato. 

Masato's work has travelled as far as China, USA, and Europe - his designs have graced Beverley Knight among many others. Masato has continued to work within film, TV and theatre and in 2021 moved to Leeds from London. 

Masato's brand has grown from the small social media gathering on Twitter (@masato_jones) and Instagram. The social media platform is run by Masato and Mike Jones.

For wholesale or bespoke enquiries, please email studio@masato.co.uk

The company also supports and promotes products from other independent artisan companies. If you would like to be a part of this, just contact Mike by email.

Masato Jones,

5 Thorntons Arcade, 

Leeds, LS1 6LQ

Mobile 07799053329 

Email studio@masato.co.uk